Lawyer SEO Tips 7 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Campaign

Engaging in steps to improve lawyer marketing online ultimately leads to a firm with better visibility and higher profit margins. Whether you just passed the bar or have been serving clients for decades, staying up to date on the latest online marketing trends, statistics and methods can help you to further grow your business, creating a future that is brighter for both you and your clients.


Top Results Matter

A whopping 60% of all online clicks will go to the first 3 search page results. While getting to the top of the pages can be a challenge… it is a challenge that you are up for. If you can crack the top three, you can rake in a large percentage of that 60% audience, drawing new clients to your law firm… but first – you have to know a thing or two about lawyer SEO. Whether you are an expert in online marketing or are just spreading your online wings, these 7 tips can help you to see big results with consistent use and a little patience…

Focus On High Quality Content

Think of your content as a representation of your brand… because that is what it is. Link-building that uses only the highest quality content will always please search engine web crawlers because they are designed to weed through lackluster articles. Google is getting smarter and smarter as years go by and staying ahead of the curve will drive your firm forward. You simply cannot afford to be that company who has the great reputation and the horrible content. You will lose out on an obscene amount of potential online business simply because you never cracked the top 3 spots.

Earn Your Reader’s Clicks

Yes. The coveted 3 first page results will always put that gleam in the eye of your law firm marketing team… but you must be prepared to stay there. If you make the top results but your topics are boring or not useful, you will find yourself in the same boat you were in 12 pages ago. You will not get the clicks that you desire and you will eventually find yourself hiring someone to come in and clean up the mess that your first marketing team created. That is a lose/lose situation for both of you.

Know Your Audience

Finding the right keywords begins with knowing your audience and what value you can provide to them. If you are a great divorce attorney – wonderful… by all means, tell them that. However, do not miss out on adding to your promotional content by forgetting to create posts that center around keywords that someone going through divorce might search. Self-help articles with a short blurb at the end about your firm can be a great way to bring exposure to your law firm that supplements your current SEO plan. For example, a child custody lawyer might use keywords like “how to get my kids back” or “what to do when _______”. These words can be naturally worked into articles that are beneficial to potential clients.

Do Not Forget the Details

LSI keywords are a great way to increase your chances of getting picked up by web crawlers. You can find LSI keyword calculators online which can help you determine what words can be sprinkled into the body of your posts to boost your content to the top. These work by allowing you to type in the keyword you are focusing on and then, in return, bringing you a large list of words that might help. You do not need to use them all but using a handful here and there certainly will not hurt.

Stay the Course

Many new companies believe that if they do a run of SEO that they are set for the long haul. The truth is that good lawyer SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. The more content you produce that is high in quality with the right keyword percentage – the more likely you will be to make it to the top without slipping to the bottom. The more you work on your SEO… the more your SEO will work for you.

Know the Worth of Investing in Your Business Online

12 billion searches are conducted in the US alone each year. Think about that for a moment. Now… think about this. 61% of those searches geared towards looking for a service or product result in a purchase. That is a bevy of opportunity that you cannot afford to miss out on. When you know the worth of investing in your business online then you will inevitably be more successful as a firm. When you fail to notice how important online marketing is, you fail to reap the benefits as well and this goes for even well established firms who can only serve to grow even larger thanks to the help of SEO.

When in Doubt… Go Long

Studies show that posts with more than 1,500 words get almost 62% more tweets than other posts of a shorter world value. This is more than enough reason to create longer posts when you can. While you likely will not always have quite so much to say, you should always strive to include a good amount of longer posts that can drive others to share more of your content with their own followers.


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